Links with the rest of the world

St Mary's actively supports a number international missions and projects.  We believe that getting to know and understand what is going on in other areas of the world, with other churches and groups helps us grow in our own faith, as well as letting us offer practical support to those in need.



Viorel & Simona Frentiu, Satu Mare, Romania

Since 2003,  St Mary's has supported Romanian Baptist pastor, Viorel.  The church in Romania is poor, but plays an important part in the country's recovery from Communist rule. Viorel's work includes a number of Romany Gypsy churches, which include the poorest members of Romanian society.

Members of St Mary's have visited Romania on a number of occasions, and continue to correspond and share what is going on in the Eastern European church with Stebbing.




St Scholastica, south west India

Run by the Benedictine Sisters of Our Lady of Grace and Compassion in Makkiyad, St Scholastica provides many areas of care in its surrounding community.  St Mary's supports St Scholastica by giving them specific items that they need.  (In the past these have included lightening conductors, hospital equipment and financial support for specific individuals and families).  St Scholastica lies in a small, under-developed village (Makkiyad) in the district of Waynad in south west India.  It is surrounded by the natural beauty of mountains, streams and canals which gives enough water for the green, fertile land.  

St Scholastica is a refuge home for all ages: there is a senior citizens' home and a palliative care and psychiatric home (where the sisters and dedicated staff provide a safe haven for all ages, particularly the elderly.  There is a clinic which reaches out to patients in the village and those who are bedridden at home.  A resident doctor provides assistance where required and the sisters give their valuable help at all times along with their prayers.

St Scholastic also has a registered orphanage for girls, which helps students who are mianly from tribal areas.  The sisters provide accommodation, food and study expenses.  These girls are not only helped by their education but also with their character formation by the sisters.  There is a hostel for girls who study nearby at the English school.  These girls are not local to Makkiyad but to get a good education they stay in the hostel and go to the school.  



Kegazi Baptist Church, Uganda

St Mary's shares a link with Kegazi Baptist Church in Uganda where we support and pray for this rural Ugandan church.  There are monthly exchanges of prayer requests which not only give prayer support but also offer regular updates on how the church's projects and its people are doing.  St Mary's, has financially supported an outreach project that KBC was called upon to assist and regular progress of the project was shared with the congregation of St Mary's.  This culminated in a visit by some of the team to KBC in November 2014.