The Home Group Programme

We have five Home Groups at present each following a different programme.

They meet weekly for between 1 -2 hours and typically have a coffee and chat; maybe sing a song; have a Bible-based discussion and a time of sharing concerns for prayer.

Each group has developed a life of its own! They decide themselves what to discus and each have developed a “house style” in character.


Tuesday Morning: Led by Tim Goodbody

Tuesday Evening: Led by Di Troup

Wednesday Evening: Led by Paul and Kate Green

Thursday Evening: Led by Ed Conder

Thursday Evening: Led by Chris and Cath Beavan

So why join a Home Group? 

It brings a feeling of “belonging” when you relate to a smaller group of people.

It is easier to share concerns with a smaller and trusted group of people.

You can ask questions - even if they sometimes seem very simple ones!

You feel supported with Care and Prayer.

You can learn more about walking the Christian path.

Home groups are open to all

Contact us to join a group